Supersonic BOOM XB1


The supersonic Boom XB-1 is a “DAWN” of new era in aviation. It would not be wrong to claim that it will be actually the “DON” of new era. Maintaining Mach 2.2 with General Electric J85s, BOOM is excited to make its maiden flight in 2022.

Back in 90’s in our childhood we were told stories from our grandpas about “Chand Gari”, a vehicle traveling to moon. That time courtesy our innocence we used to believe that. We grew up rapidly at our teens and in our school and colleges somehow it’s been discussed somewhere that in a far future people will go to party on moon and then back within 24 hours. We were not enough innocent by that age so we did not bothered that.

Evolution of supersonic BOOM compelled us to re believe in our childhood stories that a vehicle travels to moon as this supersonic flight will be the first step towards that.

It’s far bigger challenging but it’s never impossible. Travelling revolution from cycle to van, train, plane and now supersonic is unstoppable. Now it’s competing speed of sound and I am sure that in future the aviators will eye the speed of light.

“If we can fly twice as fast, the world becomes twice as small, turning far off lands into familiar neighbors.” BOOM Supersonic’s Mission Statement which definitely turns BOOM as a “DON” of the “DAWN”.

History’s first independently developed supersonic jet is built for high speed performance. Every feature, from the nose of the aircraft to the delta wing structure and carbon composite frame, has been optimized and built with supersonic cruise in mind. Says BOOM Authorities.

Key design features

Ergonomics tested cockpit ensures safe cockpit operations.

Metrology through laser tracking enables precision tooling within four thousandths of an inch.

Stretched fuselage is designed for speed, reducing drag at supersonic performance.

Carbon composite airframe resists heat and keeps its shape under the most extreme flight conditions.

Delta wing balances low speed performance for takeoff and landing with high speed efficiency.

Three J85 engines propel it to breakthrough supersonic speeds.


Boom Xb1 Test Flight Date

When will baby boom make its maiden flight? Its a million dollar question and Boom faculty is even more curious to answer it practically in 2022. 

When will the Overture fly passengers?

Overture, with an estimated $200 million price tag (plus options and interior)—and a cruising altitude of 60,000 feet—is slated to roll out in 2025, fly in 2026, and carry passengers by 2029, according to Boom .

Supersonic flight Fares

Overture is being designed “to allow airlines to offer fares comparable to today’s business class. Our long-term vision is that the fastest flight is also the most affordable,” according to its website.

Can Boom fly Supersonic in U.S.?

FAA announced final rules for supersonic test flights in the U.S. meant to streamline the approval process, which is a key step in ultimately getting a product to market. 

BOOM XB-1 continues to pave the way for a new age of mainstream supersonic travel.

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