The design of a new supersonic aircraft reduces an 8-hour flying time to 80 minutes.

The plane, known as the Hyper Sting, can reach speeds of up to 4,000 kilometers per hour, or three times the speed of sound. This is twice as fast as the Concorde, which set the record for the fastest Atlantic crossing in 1996 at two hours and 52 minutes.

“Concorde was a fantastic piece of technology… but it produced too many pollutants… and was too expensive to maintain,” designer Vials explained. The Hyper Sting’s two ramjet engines and four next-generation hybrid turbojets will be powered by a cold fusion nuclear reactor.

The plane can transport 170 people. It is 100 feet longer and has a greater wing span than Concorde.

“Supersonic flights will return… the timeframe of potential manufacturing would be beyond 2030, and the cost would be extremely expensive,” Vials added.

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