Belgian Teen Creates 6,000-Piece Magma Aviation Boeing 747 LEGO Model

Silas’ next project is to build an Airbus Beluga aircraft from scratch.Silas De Kunst is a 16-year-old AVgeek and Lego lover from Belgium who recently built a Magma Aviation Boeing 747 from scratch with Lego pieces. Recently, Magma invited Silas to visit their head office.

B747F Lego model Since an early age, Silas has enjoyed playing with Legos and building things. At one point, he reached a level where building existing sets became too easy, and he wanted to begin creating his own designs. He says, “I decided to build a Magma Aviation aircraft because it was one of the first Boeing 747s I ever saw up close. It left an impression on me that I couldn’t forget, so I decided to make a to-scale model.”

The 747 model is made up of almost 6,000 pieces, is just over 3 feet (1 meter) long, and has a wingspan of just over 33 inches (84 centimeters). The youngster is specifically fond of the 747, recounting the history of the aircraft.

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